Travel Information

Plan your trip to China

Make the most of your time in Guangzhou! Plan your trip well in advance to ensure that you secure your visa and the best flight and hotel options!

Visa Application

You may need to apply for a visa to enter China. It might take some time for your embassy to process your application so we advise you arrange you to begin the process as soon as your register. Start with your preparations no later than one month before the show.

To apply for a business visa at your local Chinese Embassy, you will need:

an official invitation letter*
a complete overview of your trip including proof of flights in and out of the country, detailed description of travel routes and proof of hotel booking(s)
your passport
a recent photo
your visa application form

*To receive your official invitation letter or if you have any questions about visa eligibility, please contact

Hotel Booking

We have appointed Orient Event Services as our exclusive travel partner for Hi & Fi Guangzhou. Orient Express offer you, our visitors and exhibitors the best deals on accomodation around the venue. They can also arrange additional services such as airport transports and trips.
Accomodation offers are available on a first come- first served basis so please book as early as possible to secure the best deal.
You can find the booking form here.

How to get there

For information on how to access the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo (PWTC), please visit the PWTC website.